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Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle

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Cross and Passion College is a unique school in Ballycastle, N. Ireland with a long tradition of excellence and service to the community, and in terms of history and ethos it is inextricably linked to the Sisters of the Cross and Passion. 

Pupils in Years 11 to 14 enjoy the benefits of a very close collaborative arrangement with Ballycastle High School. They've been collaborating for many years, and today around 300 pupils are involved in shared classes but this wasn't evident from their old website. It was incapable of portraying the true image of the school, the dedicated teachers and the enthusiastic pupils. Worst of all, they didn't get the support they needed from their website provider.

The College approached us for a well designed site that could be provided at relatively low cost and at a time when staff were available to work with us.

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