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As a business owner, you shouldn’t be trying to learn how to work with Squarespace - you have many more important things to keep you busy! Work with one of the most experienced Squarespace web developers to create or improve your Squarespace website.




Think about what you need

Think about your problem first, then describe it for us. Try to include examples of situations that will help to paint the picture for us. Don’t try to solution it yourself; we’ll find the best solution for you, based on what you tell us. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to help you. 



Submit your request

Submit your request. We’ll review your request and then we’ll follow up with a quotation, or some questions to clarify your requirements. Over 90% of small changes are priced using our simple menu of fixed-prices.


Pay and authorise

Our quotation will include a payment link. Make your payment using any bank or credit card and invite us to make changes to your site.


Sit back and relax

Once we’ve received your payment and contributor invitation, we’ll make the necessary changes to your website. When it’s done, we’ll email you.


Request for Help 

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Please describe the problem you are trying to solve. It helps if you can describe the issue from the website visitor's point of view. The more detail you give us, the lower the quotation is likely to be (because we'll have fewer questions).
Please provide a working link to the website that can be viewed by the public. If in doubt, check your site's visibility setting because if we cannot view the website, we cannot help.
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Fast Track Request

Want to jump to the front of the queue? You can book an appointment with a Squarespace expert at a time to suit you. Visit this website at your allotted time and we’ll chat to you whilst we work on your site.

Appointments cover the time described, including the time to logon to your site and assess your request. Please ensure you do not underestimate the time it will take to make the required changes. Minor tweaks usually take 20 minutes, small changes take 30-40 minutes. If your request cannot be completed during the time you have booked, additional time may need to be booked. Fast track requests must be booked at least 24 hours before they are required. Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before booking.