How can I display the month and year on Tudor template blog date circle?

On the Tudor template, blog dates are shown in a circle above the post. By default, the day (as a number) and the month are shown. To change this to the month and year requires some JavaScript.

To achieve this effect:

Example of Tudor Blog with month and year

Add the following to the Header Code Injection:

   /* Put the month values here (in any language) */
   var month=new Array(12);
   month[0]="Jan";  month[1]="Feb";  month[2]="Mar";
   month[3]="Apr";  month[4]="May";  month[5]="Jun";
   month[6]="Jul";  month[7]="Aug";  month[8]="Sep";
   month[9]="Oct";  month[10]="Nov"; month[11]="Dec";
   Y.use('node', 'node-load', function(Y) {
     Y.on('domready', function() {
         function() {
            var pdate = new Date(this.getAttribute('datetime'));
            this.setHTML(month[pdate.getMonth()] + " " + pdate.getFullYear());
     }); // Y.on
   }); // Y.use

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