Can I integrate SendOwl with Squarespace?

Yes, we’ve integrated SendOwl with Squarespace for clients to give them new features that aren’t available with Squarespace alone. If you need help integrating it, get in touch with us and tell us your requirements.

  • Your customers are automatically shown the checkout pages in their native language, improving conversion

  • On-site checkout appears in a lightbox on your site

  • Inbuilt affiliate system

  • Pre-checkout and post payment upsells

  • Discount codes are fully trackable so you can see what works

What is SendOwl?

SendOwl is an alternative eCommerce platform that can be used with Squarespace. It allows you to sell digital (and physical) goods on your Squarespace website and accept payments without requiring complex forms to be completed.

Instead of a complex checkout process that requires unnecessary address information, the SendOwl checkout can appear as a lightbox form on your website, like this:

SendOwl checkout window for credit card, PayPal and bitcoin

Your potential customer completes a few simple details right there on the page, and that’s it! (and there’s a more traditional ecommerce style checkout form if you prefer).

Multilingual Squarespace Stores

If you need your checkout to support another language, the SendOwl checkout is painless. It automatically matches the language of the customer’s browser, so there’s no need for configuration! This is especially useful for bilingual or multilingual Squarespace sites

It currently supports Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Swedish, Thai and English (US and British!).

Automatic Checkout Language Selection

Automatic Checkout Language Selection

You can also customise anything and everything on the checkout - something you cannot do on Squarespace natively - from the colour of the buttons, to removing or moving entire sections.

Digital Download

On completion of the order, the customer is taken to a download page where they can access their purchase without waiting for an email confirmation.

Example download page for digital products

Example download page for digital products

Conversion Rates

A customer can purchase and receive your digital product from your Squarespace website in just 20 seconds, removing friction from the purchase process and potentially increasing your conversion rates.

Free Trial

Click this link to see the current SendOwl pricing and to signup for a free trial that you can try with your Squarespace site.

At the time of writing, SendOwl costs from $15 per month for a 30 product store. You won’t need a Squarespace Commerce plan, and the cost of SendOwl is less than the difference between the Squarespace Business Plan and the Advanced Commerce Plan (a $22 difference).

Try it yourself. If you’d like help configuring SendOwl on your Squarespace store, you can book our expert.

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