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Product Enquiry Plugin for Squarespace

Give customers the opportunity to enquire about a product before purchasing.


What will the Product Enquiry Plugin do?

We plan to offer a plugin that will let you add an enquiry button to any product in your Squarespace store. Using this button, a potential customer can send you an enquiry or request a quote. This is ideal for products that are made to order, products that involve high shipping costs, or where prices need to be negotiated. The plugin will work on any Brine-family template.

Features we are considering

  • The enquiry button will replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button for selected products.

  • The button label can be customised for each site. For example, you could choose “Enquire about this product”, “Make an Enquiry” or “Request a Quote”, or even translate it into a different language.

  • The button will launch a popup (lightbox) form.

  • When the form is completed, a standard Squarespace event is triggered to send an email, add data to a Google Sheet, or trigger Zapier automation.

  • The form data will automatically include the product name, product URL as well as the fields the customer will complete.

  • You can customise the form fields using the standard Squarespace tools, without the need for a developer.

  • It will be fully compatible with Zapier, allowing it to be used with G-Suite, Airtable and many other applications.

Why add an enquiry form?

The product enquiry form allows stores selling complex, unique or expensive products to discuss requirements with customers before they make a purchase. It can also help you to connect with genuine leads and convert them into sales.



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