Squarespace FAQ

I've been working with Squarespace for more than 10 years as a developer and designer. I want to spread the love of Squarespace by sharing some of my knowledge with you, so I’m building a database of answers that I’ve provided. Use the search bar below to ask your question:

Important Copyright Notice


Many of the solutions provided on this site are copyrighted and may not be copied without permission. Code (otherwise known as ‘software’) may be used when licensed through the payment of a licence fee. They are clearly labelled.

Some code (or ‘software’) is free for use. However, the guides (the explanations provided with the code) are always copyrighted. You must not publish, sell or distribute the guides or make any other claim to it. We use a third party service to detect illegal use of our copyrighted material (both the guides and the code) and we reserve the right to engage our lawyers to pursue anyone worldwide who infringes our copyright.

Need more help?

My Squarespace solutions are provided to help further the knowledge of the Squarespace community and are therefore supplied without warranty or support.

I have tried to make the solutions easy to follow because I want you to be able to do it yourself, learn a little programming and amaze yourself! Whilst free support is not available, I can provide assistance on a chargeable basis. If you need a little extra help, read how to contact me here