Providing us with access to your site

To log in and work on your Squarespace website, we need to be assigned ‘permissions’ on the website. It’s essential to allow us to access the code and content areas of your website.

Squarespace refer to anyone with access to your site as a ‘Contributor’. Contributors can have different permissions assigned to them and these decide which settings they're allowed to see. Only Contributors who have been assigned the Administrator role can can access code injection, Custom CSS and Site Styles. It is essential that we have access to these areas to install, test or troubleshoot code on your site.

To add us as a contributor, please follow the instructions below. These have been copied from the Squarespace support article: Squarespace permissions explained.

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Permissions.

Permissions page

Permissions page

  1. Click Invite Contributor.

  2. In the Invite Contributor window, enter our details.

  3. Check the Administrator box to assign Administrator permissions. No other permissions are required.

  4. Click Save to send your invitation.

Manually sending the link

Squarespace should then send us an email, inviting us to log to your site. However, sometimes their system does not work correctly, and they do not send the invitation email. If we do not receive their invitation email we may ask you to send us the invitation code manually. To do this, click our contributor profile under Invites Sent and then copy the Invitation Link into a new email and send it to us.

Invitation Link

Invitation Link