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Upsell Plugin for Squarespace

Offer additional products. Increase revenue per transaction.


What will the Upsell Plugin do?

We plan to offer a plugin that will let you display offers that customers can add to their Squarespace cart with one click. For example, a customer adds a product requiring batteries to their cart and so you offer them batteries to power the product. You could also offer them more expensive rechargeable batteries and a charger. The plugin will work on any Brine-family template.

Features we are considering

  • Popup or footer in the Squarespace Cart

  • Show up to three hand-picked offers that relate to the product, or show multiple offers and let them scroll through to pick their favourites, adding as many additional products as they want.

Why upsell?

When customers agree to extra items it increases your average order values and increases your revenue and potential profits. If you choose your upsell products carefully, with products from different price-points and categories, customers are more likely to purchase additional products and/or services.



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