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Product Waitlist Plugin for Squarespace

Gauge potential interest. Release to a captive audience.


What will the Product Waitlist Plugin do?

We plan to offer a plugin for Squarespace that will let you pre-announce new products and then gauge customer interest. It will allow you to collect email addresses of potential customers while you are working on the product. You can then sell directly to this pre-launch list of interested customers, creating exclusivity and encouraging future sign-up.

Once the plugin has been added to your Squarespace site, pre-launch products will show a ‘Join Waitlist’ button instead of the ‘Add to Cart’ button, sending the potential customer to a simple form that requests their email address and adds them to your pre-launch mailing list. When you are ready to launch, you can use Squarespace Email Campaigns or MailChimp to announce the launch using branded emails that track conversion.

Why use the Product Waitlist?

  • Sell more at launch to people who are ready to purchase

  • Collect email addresses of customers who have expressed an interest

  • Grow demand for your new product or service in the pre-launch period

Features we are considering

  • Simple to use - ‘Join Waitlist’ button to replace ‘Add to Cart’

  • Social proof - Label showing number of people on waiting list will convince others

  • Email addresses added to product launch mailing list



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