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Limited Availability plugin for Squarespace

Create purchase urgency. Make purchase decisions easier.


What will the Limited Availability plugin do?

We plan to offer a plugin for Squarespace that will signpost the availability of products to your customers during their shopping journey. The plugin will disable variants that are out of stock and clearly flags those with low stock levels by adding ‘limited availability labels’ to products.

Low Stock / Limited Availability

When you communicate low stock levels it creates the illusion that your product is highly valued by others. This can stimulate demand and increase conversion rates as customers rush to avoid missing out. Our plugin can show low stock levels on single variant products and, on multi-variant products, we can show the stock level beside each variant on the drop-down selector. You set the level at which the stock level is considered low.

No Stock

If a product is out of stock it is vital to make this clear before a potential customer tries to add it to their cart, or you risk increasing their frustration and decreasing your conversion rate. Our plugin will make variant stock levels clear in the drop-down list and will actively prevent customers selecting variants that are out of stock. It will also disable the Add to Cart button when products without variants are unavailable, avoiding those pesky ‘Unable to Add Item’ messages.

Doesn’t Squarespace offer Limited Availability Labels already?

Yes, Squarespace introduced Limited Availability Labels in May 2019, but there are two limitations:

  • They are only available on the more expensive Commerce Advanced Plan

  • Squarespace don’t add Limited Availability Labels to variant drop-downs

Our plugin will work with ALL Squarespace plans that support selling.



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