School Website Design

We've built our fair share of school websites, for nursery schools, primary schools and secondary schools, but we don't limit ourselves to this. We take what we learn from every project, in every sector and we put it into our next project.

Our experience will help

We've built up considerable experience in knowing what parents, prospective parents and pupils want from a school website so if you're considering a website refresh we can help you to understand their points of view. We'll show you how to increase your engagement with parents and use your website interactively with students.

Your school - your style

We also understand that you'll want your school to stand out. You'll want your school's ethos to show through. For this reason we don't provide website templates that all look the same. We'll build you a custom solution that helps your visitors to understand your school.

Design expertise

Everything we build is designed for simplicity. Our expertise in UX Design means that we build our websites to not only look good, but to be easy to navigate. Fewer clicks for visitors means less phone calls for you.

Easy to update

When it comes to design, it's not just your visitors we're thinking about. It's you too. Our websites are some of the easiest to update. School website administrators tell us they've never seen anything this simple. It means they don't spend hours updating the site - they spend minutes.

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