Shopify Buy Button Plugin

Shopify Buy Button Plugin


This is our ‘secret sauce’ plugin that helps you choose the position of the Shopify Buy Button on your Squarespace Product Pages.

If you followed our guide to using Shopify Buy Buttons on Squarespace product pages then you’ll know that the Buy Button usually appears below the product description. By adding this plugin to your Squarespace site, you can adjust the position of the Add to Cart button.


  • You must be using a Brine-family Squarespace template

  • You must have a Squarespace plan that supports selling

  • You must have a paid Shopify plan.

  • The plugin is locked to the domain name of your site. It is not transferable and will stop working if the Squarespace domain name or the primary domain name does not match the details supplied on the order form.


This plugin is delivered electronically within 48 hours.

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