Visual media, like photography and video, are the closest that we can come to experiencing life elsewhere without going there ourselves. When you add a photo to a website, you’re not just adding pretty pixels; you’re offering your visitors a miniature experience to go along with whatever you’re selling.

As the saying goes, a photo speaks 1000 words. No matter how much you invest in impressive design, carefully crafted written content and seamless user journeys, if your photographic images aren’t up to standard, you could be wasting your time and money.

The right photo

A content-driven website needs imagery. The right photo will make a good design great, but it absolutely has to be the right photo. It's not as simple as just taking a bright, focussed picture of a strong and compelling subject. When the photographer takes the picture, they need to consider how the photograph will be used on the website, and what story it needs to convey. Composition is key.

Our photographer

Our photographer has ten years' experience in still and video photography. He regularly produces photographic images specifically for websites and so already has an insight into the type of shots we'll need but they will still look at the page templates so they know how images will be used on your site. For example, wide portraits of staff with ample space to the right could be necessary for a particular layout. 

Cost effective

Professional photography can seem like an expensive additional cost at the outset of a web design project but time and again we have shown what a worthwhile investment it is.

We believe that we offer a cost effective photographic service, but you don't need to work with our photographer - we're happy to work with your preferred photographer. We do suggest that your photographer has some experience of shooting for digital media and they discuss the photographic requirements with us before they commence any work. This is particularly important now that websites are designed to be responsive because images may be cropped differently on mobile devices which could hide important content. Working with our web designer will ensure the photography aids the content and fits the layout of your website.   


See some of our recent images in our galleries.