Payment for Assistance

We develop websites for organisations and individuals around the world, both under our own 'Soundfocus' brand and as freelancers for larger web design agencies (who charge considerably more than us!). If you need us to implement one of our Squarespace Tips on your site, we're happy to provide you with paid assistance.

This page allows you to make a payment to us using your bank card. If you are using an Apple device with fingerprint reader, you can also use Apple Pay

Small change to a Squarespace website

A single small, pre-agreed change to Squarespace website, or a number of minor, pre-agreed minor changes. This may include structural changes, code (JavaScript, YUI, jQuery) or style changes (CSS, LESS). As a guide, this purchase covers up to forty (40) minutes of an experienced developer's time but can vary. This option is for clients who have already discussed their requirements with us and been told their request is a ‘small change’.

Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

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