We host websites with one of our hosting partners, Squarespace, Shopify or Webflow.

Squarespace Features

Squarespace is a $1.7 billion company based in New York City. They offer a world-leading Content Management Systems (CMS) that provides an incredibly rich publishing platform. You can easily make changes to your website without a dedicated computer or special software – all you need is a reliable Internet connection.

Professional Squarespace features include:

Content Management

Custom WYSIWYG Editor - As the name suggests, our "What You See Is What You Get" editing system enables you to see your web page as you edit it. We support many different types of content and complex multi-column layouts.

Responsive Design – All your web pages will be completely responsive and work on any mobile device, including smart phones and tablets.

Full-Screen Editing – Our editing window has a distraction-and-clutter-free mode so you can edit your pages using your full browser window.


Mobile App - Mobile App for site management – Access your content, posts and images on the go with the mobile app.

Scheduled Posts – You can easily schedule entries to publish automatically at a preset date and time.


Image Management

Drag-and-Drop Management – Add and organize your images instantly. You can drag images directly from your desktop onto your browser window.

Responsive Image Loader – Our image loader automatically generates several scaled versions of each image file that you upload. It then detects and selects the appropriate image size to load for every device and screen - including Apple devices with Retina Displays.

Progressive Image Loading – Images at the top of your page load first, making your website faster and more responsive to visitors.


CDN Included – All images on your website are hosted with a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that reduces load times by using hundreds of geographically distributed servers.

Image Focal Point Control – Our content manager allows you to define the focal point of every image, ensuring the perfect crop for thumbnails or resized images.

Built-in Image Editor – All your images can be edited directly within your browser using an integrated editor. You can crop, resize, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and much more.



Galleries of Images - You can drag and drop multiple images into a gallery display with one motion. Choose from multiple layouts and full-browser-sized images.

Galleries of Videos - Our gallery layouts support both images and videos, allowing you to create mixed media collections in the same gallery display.

Display Effects - Each gallery can have hover and transition effects and it's so simple to do it yourself.



Site Analytics – We provide built-in metrics that give you insight into visitor activity on your website. Follow the metrics that matter to you, from page views and unique visitors to predictions and charts for your website.

Monitor your site remotely – You can monitor your site metrics on the go using the free iOS app. It even works with Apple Watch.

Visitor Insights – Our metrics let you know where your visitors are coming from, and what keywords are leading visitors to your website.


Reliable Architecture

Support Included – There's nothing for you to update, patch or backup. The fully supported infrastructure serves millions of hits per day.

Our site is the same – We built our own website using the same powerful infrastructure that we'll use to build and host yours.

Automatic Scaling – As your website receives more traffic the infrastructure scales up to provide more power. It's immune to simple hardware failures.


Custom Site Search

Search Engine – Your website can have an internal search engine that provides your visitors with accurate search results.

Constantly Updated – The search engine is updated with your site's content within 15 seconds of your updates.

Custom Search – Your search can be customised to search across the whole website, or limit results to a particular section of the site.


Connected Services

Socially Connected – We link your website to your social media accounts, letting your visitors know what networks you are on. If you don't have social media, we can get you started.

Simultaneous Posting – Whenever you add content to your website we can auto-post your content to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. All post entries and images are optimized and tagged properly, so descriptions and titles will be correctly referenced.

Networks – We support integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Pinterest.