Add Acuity to a Squarespace website

Add Acuity to a Squarespace website


SF Digital will add Acuity Scheduling to your Squarespace website. Your website must be on a Business or Commerce Plan and must already be configured to accept payments using Stripe or PayPal.

We will guide you through the process of configuring Acurity, including email notifications and calendar availability, and then embed it in your Squarespace site. As a guide, this purchase covers up to forty (40) minutes of an experienced developer's time. The site owner must be available during these 40 minutes and must have the required information to hand, for example account details and availability. If further time is required - due to additional requirements or because information was not readily available - this must be booked and paid for before additional time is provided.

Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

For more information on Acuity, read our guide: How to take bookings on a Squarespace website.

Special Offer July 2019

We love helping entrepreneurs set up online booking so their clients can schedule appointments with them. During July 2019, Squarespace customers with Business or Commerce plans who book SF Digital to add Acuity to their website will receive the Emerging plan on Acuity for free.

Offer Eligibility

  • Requests must be submitted and completed in July 2019.

  • The Squarespace website must be on a Business or Commerce plan

  • The website should not already have received the Emerging plan on Acuity Scheduling

  • All Emerging plan benefits will continue to be supplied for free as long as your Squarespace and Acuity accounts remain active.

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