I’ve written lots of articles about Squarespace and I’ve written lots of code. As the author of these, I’m also the copyright owner and this means I control who can use, copy, distribute, sell, or modify them.

Copyright is frequently misunderstood, so this page is here to clarify the law.

In summary, you do NOT have the right to use any of my work. You may NOT sell it, modify it or use it without my express written permission.

Copyright is recognised all over the world. My work is protected in most countries under the Berne Convention.

Myth: The code has been posted online and is therefore free to use

This is NOT the case. Work published on the Internet may be publicly accessible, but it is NOT considered to be in the public domain. It is protected by copyright and I may take legal action against anyone copying my work.

Myth: Anything without a copyright notice is not protected

Copyright applies whether there is a copyright notice or not. The use of copyright notices became optional on work published from March 1st 1989. Having said this, I will often place a copyright notice on my work to remind you that copyright exists.

Myth: You can legally copy a percentage of my work without it being infringement

This is not the case. Unless I have explicitly allowed this under fair use, any unauthorised use of my work is illegal and may lead to legal action. Always seek permission before you consider using the work of others.

Myth: You can copy or publish my work if you don’t make any money out of it

No. Any copying or publication without my written consent (as the copyright owner) is an infringement, and you could face legal action, including damages to reclaim lost revenue and royalties.

Request Copyright Permission

If you would like to use some of my code, or use information from one of my articles, please request permission using the form below. I do not reply unless permission is granted. If you do not hear from me, your request has NOT been granted and you may NOT use the work.

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