Code developer

I can add features and functionality to Squarespace that aren’t available using the built-in templates and style settings. I am a Front-end Developer, UX Consultant, Internet Engineer and author of many articles explaining how to add custom features to Squarespace websites. I have more than 10 years commercial experience in design, usability and code development, working on literally hundreds of responsive websites. I’m well versed in HTML5, CSS3 (including LESS), JavaScript (including JSON, jQuery and YUI).

Code being edited

Custom Features

If you need a simple tweak that you can’t achieve with the template settings, or you want to implement something more complex, contact me for a quotation. I can give you a fixed price for changes such as customising the navigation bar, hiding components or changing the cart.

Third-Party Integrations

Squarespace can be integrated with a number of third-party services that extend your site’s power across the web. Some integrations are built into the platform and others, like third-party checkouts, can be added.

You can contact us for paid assistance with the setup of third-party services and Squarespace, including:

  • 500px Block

  • Acuity Block

  • Bandsintown Block

  • Flickr Block

  • Foursquare Block

  • Instagram Block

  • Map Block

  • OpenTable Block

  • SoundCloud Block

  • Twitter Block

  • Video Block

  • Zola Block

Bespoke Plugins

Extend your Squarespace site’s functionality with plugins! In addition to our custom coding services (see Custom Features above), we can now supply and install pre-built, pre-tested snippets of code that add new features to your Squarespace site. For example, our currency plugins allow your site to show your prices in your visitor’s local currency. We’re adding more great value Squarespace plugins in 2019.

Customising Squarespace

In addition to the official Squarespace-supported integrations, there are many customisations that you may want to add to your Squarespace site, but they fall outside of the scope of Squarespace support. Need help integrating one of these? Popular customisations include:

  • Adsense for displaying ads on your site

  • Apple Touch icon for bookmarks on iOS devices

  • BeerMenus for displaying your business's alcohol selection

  • Bloglovin' for verifying your blog with their service

  • Etsy for embedding or linking to your Etsy shop

  • Eventbrite for event registration

  • Facebook Pixel for conversion and advertising

  • Feedly for how your site appears in their RSS reader

  • Google Translate for content translation on your site

  • Issuu for embedding .pdfs and other documents

  • MLS search for real estate

  • Swiftype for an alternative to the built-in Search Block

  • Typeform for beautiful, conversational forms, surveys, quizzes and more

  • Wufoo for an alternative to the built-in Form Block, often used to allow file uploads

  • Zocdoc for booking doctors appointments