A content management system (CMS) allows you to edit your website without needing specialist technical skills. It's this cost-effective solution that makes your website easy to update.

We make it really easy to update your website. Our page editor provides a live preview so that you can see the final layout as you add your text, images and videos. It also shows you what it will look like on a mobile or tablet. You can add images with drag-and-drop simplicity. Still unsure? We can offer full hands-on training and a customised user guides, specific to your website.

If you are considering purchasing a website from another company we encourage you to try the website CMS - the bit you will be using every day - before you make your decision.

Also, ask them some simple questions and compare them with our answers (shown below):

Can I drag and drop my images into the website? 

Can I add images without editing or formatting them first?

When a visitor looks at my site on a mobile device, will the images download any faster?

Can I add many images to a single page or news post?

Is it easy to add a YouTube or Vimeo video to my website?
Yes. Paste the video's share link and your video will appear on your website.

Can I update my website using an app when I'm out?

Can I view analytics to see what visitors are doing on my website?

It's the small details that matter


Want to edit your site on the move? We provide a free App so you can update your site or check your metrics when you're out. We're so confident in our CMS, we'll happily demonstrate it to you - for free.


For example, how do you add an image to your current website? Do you use an image editor to resize it to fit? Do you have to crop it, to make it the right shape? When you've added it to your site, does it look tiny? Save yourself all this extra effort. With our CMS, take a good photograph and just drag it to the page of the website. No need to resize it or crop it. It will automatically resize to fit.

In addition, our CMS does some pretty clever stuff in the background. It silently creates several, different-sized copies of each image so there's a version of it suitable for every website visitor, no matter what device they're using. A mobile visitor automatically gets a version that will load faster on their slower connection. Watch our CMS in action below to see what we mean or read about the features.